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2022 Ghupshup from here and there

2022 has been a roller coaster year not only for me but also for everyone else as well, especially with COVID surging , hopefully for one last time before tapering off. As COVID tapered, floodgates opened on travel, the wait time for international VISA to EU increased, for USA it extended to beyond 1000 days.AsContinue reading “2022 Ghupshup from here and there”

Covid Times – And the inevitable happened !

Since the pandemic set in march 2020, I have tried off and on to chronicle through my COVID Times blog series on how everyone has been gearing up in their own unique way to help friends and family cope with the situation. Be it community support during strict lock downs, to exercises or family meetContinue reading “Covid Times – And the inevitable happened !”

The Tom and Jerry reality show !

As kids, we gen Xers thrived on comics of the likes of Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, Ritchie Rich, Asterix & Obelix, Archie and the excitement of cute cartoons such as the Tom & Jerry show. However, only recently after my tryst with Jerry did I realise that in reality Jerry is anything but cute. Here’sContinue reading “The Tom and Jerry reality show !”

The Great US Education Circus

My son recently completed his MS in Environmental Engineering from Georgia Tech, Atlanta in the USA. Given the current pandemic scene in the USA, we were not sure if at all the graduation ceremony would be conducted in person or virtually like it was done by the IITs in India.  Fortunately for us, his UniversityContinue reading “The Great US Education Circus”

Ageing gracefully

It is said “Time and tide waits for no man”. Before you know, it’s time to hang your boots from an active work life.  While there is enough material available focussing on the financial thumb rules to help you arrive at the post retirement  financial well being, there is not much which helps you planContinue reading “Ageing gracefully”

Practise Makes a Man Perfect and Match Practise Makes Him Even Better.

My parents relocated to Mumbai from Delhi in 1971 when I was a 5 years old. I was lucky to have moved into a colony at Mahim with over 100 families with kids more or less my age. Our colony has lots of open space and being sea facing we also get fresh sea breeze.Continue reading “Practise Makes a Man Perfect and Match Practise Makes Him Even Better.”

My Corporate Tales from Here and There # 2 – “Barefoot in the Park” Days at Grindlays !

Grindlays having introduced Merchant Banking in India way back in 1967, was always in the forefront in making pioneering moves on the Indian banking scene. So when in the late 1980 and early 1990s, technology revolution in banking had just started to roll in with ATMs (HSBC introduced first ATMs in 1987) and computerisation wasContinue reading “My Corporate Tales from Here and There # 2 – “Barefoot in the Park” Days at Grindlays !”