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Stories to Tell – Jamtara from reel life to real life

I’m sure most of the readers must have watched the web series Jamtara released some 3 years back on Netflix in 2020.The web-series is based on real-life incidents around the widespread growth of phishing calls and organised cyber crimes of scamming. I too have watched it and was quite fascinated by the boldness of theContinue reading “Stories to Tell – Jamtara from reel life to real life”

2022 Ghupshup from here and there

2022 has been a roller coaster year not only for me but also for everyone else as well, especially with COVID surging , hopefully for one last time before tapering off. As COVID tapered, floodgates opened on travel, the wait time for international VISA to EU increased, for USA it extended to beyond 1000 days.AsContinue reading “2022 Ghupshup from here and there”

Covid Times – And the inevitable happened !

Since the pandemic set in march 2020, I have tried off and on to chronicle through my COVID Times blog series on how everyone has been gearing up in their own unique way to help friends and family cope with the situation. Be it community support during strict lock downs, to exercises or family meetContinue reading “Covid Times – And the inevitable happened !”

Learning to celebrate the idiosyncrasies – the key to wellness

Just like every other family, our family too  has its own idiosyncrasies which once in a while end up becoming a topic for a good laugh during our get togethers. My parents are true foodies; they love to experiment with different cuisines not only when they step out but even when at home. My mom,Continue reading “Learning to celebrate the idiosyncrasies – the key to wellness”

Living with Millennials!

During the recent lockdown, our daughter was back home and I got to experience up close what living with a millennial actually means. To begin with, millennials being digitally native, their lingo/slang is all about short messaging starting with the popular ones such as gr8 (great) , Lol (laugh out loud), tmi (too much information),Continue reading “Living with Millennials!”

An Ode to the True Fans which make cricket a great game !

Recently, I got a surprise DM tweet to check if I was the same Salil Datar who had scored a hundred in the Rohinton Baria Inter Varsity finals in 1985-86 against Madras University which had W V Raman. On connecting with the person to check how he was able to track me, he shared howContinue reading “An Ode to the True Fans which make cricket a great game !”

Rebranding : A necessary booster to stay relevant- Even the royal family benefited from a rebranding

As everyone is aware, branding helps build a perception about what to expect from a product and when the product delivers what people expect helps reinforce and build trust . In the case of individuals or celebrities, branding is a blended image of  three elements consisting of How others see us, How we want othersContinue reading “Rebranding : A necessary booster to stay relevant- Even the royal family benefited from a rebranding”

THEN & NOW … !

Circa 1980-90:Summer holidays used to be something I would eagerly look forward to. Summers were full of hectic activity, mainly outdoors. It would start with early morning cycle hiring from Amin bhai’s shop with spins around the colony with a cacophony of cycle bells ringing. We would alternate between cycling or traditional Indian games suchContinue reading “THEN & NOW … !”

IES Class of 1982 Part #2/2 – School Friends are for Life!

After joining the school in the std III in 1973, I got selected for the IES Eng Med. school cricket team in std.VII. With this, I managed to get special concessions – such as leaving school a couple of classes earlier everyday for net practice at Matunga Gymkhana and leeway to bunk school during matchContinue reading “IES Class of 1982 Part #2/2 – School Friends are for Life!”

Reliving the School Days part #1/2-A Nostalgia trip

In 1971,  my father changed jobs from Coca Cola based out of New Delhi to Richardson Hindustan Ltd.(manufacturers of Vicks who subsequently became P&G) and we moved to Bombay (as it was called then ).We settled down at Mahim in a co-operative housing society by the Mahim bay with over 100 families. In those days,Continue reading “Reliving the School Days part #1/2-A Nostalgia trip”