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Covid Times – And the inevitable happened !

Since the pandemic set in march 2020, I have tried off and on to chronicle through my COVID Times blog series on how everyone has been gearing up in their own unique way to help friends and family cope with the situation. Be it community support during strict lock downs, to exercises or family meet ups via zoom or binge watching web series or movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime or experimenting in the kitchen to bake cookies etc. All this helped during the severe lockdowns not only to keep the mind occupied but also once things eased up a bit, to keep up with the essential covid appropriate behaviour to try and keep the virus at bay for almost 18 long months. However, it was about time and the inevitable had to happen. 

I had a mild fever at the beginning of last week and as a matter of precaution, I went for the tests and I finally ended up testing positive !! This after almost eighteen months of the onset of this pandemic and repeat tests at every possible trigger event. Looking back, the reason I can think of how I managed to evade it all this while was the strict implementation of masking and hand washing every time I stepped out, staying away from functions or public places. During the past eighteen months, not that we confined or isolated ourselves 100%. As and when the window of opportunity presented, we did evaluate the overall situation to undertake the odd sorties to Lonavala and trips for family functions to Mahabaleshwar last Nov to celebrate my father’s 80th birthday, followed by a train trip to Aurangabad early Jan for a wedding in my family, in Aug to Bengaluru again for another wedding, this one in my wife’s side of the family. All of these were within the confines of the so-called family bubbles. 

Early December , we turned a bit adventurous and decided to try stepping out of the family bubble. We took our first vacation to visit Amritsar and Dharamshala. This involved travelling by road, visiting the dhaba, shopping in the narrow and crowded bylanes of the Golden Temple where hardly anyone wore masks! I have a feeling, having survived so far, the tough reality check on my immunity, the only public place from where I might have gotten the virus could be when we went to  Plaza (my first visit to a theatre since the pandemic) last Sunday to watch a marathi film “Jhima”. 

As per the BMC protocol, the lab first shared the report with the BMC, who in turn established the first contact to inform me about the quarantine rules and to satisfy if adequate facilities were available at our place for a home quarantine. Post which, the lab reports email was received. This was followed by a mandatory visit from the BMC official to get my signature on the fourteen day home quarantine self declaration and the sanitisation staff. Fortunately, as the family members staying together tested negative, as per the society rules they have been quarantined only for 7 days. Since the onset of Nov, in our colony, we  seem to be coming across one new case almost every alternate week.

I’m fortunate that COVID has forced all offices to adapt and not only embrace flexible work protocols starting of course from the now ubiquitous WFH to introducing COVID as an additional category of leave. One key advantage of having been fully vaccinated is that even though I have not been able to evade but only defer Covid, the symptoms so far seem to be mild. 

Since there is no proven medication as such, I have fully isolated myself, started checking my temperature and oxygen levels at regular intervals, drinking warm water and taking rest. I’m looking forward to recommendations to watch the web series/ movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime. So far Modern Love on Amazon Prime  seems to be nice. Feel free to share your recommendations to help me stay cheerful.

Here’s wishing you a Happy, Healthy and a Cheerful 2022 !

Acknowledgements- My Friend Ashish Parulekar and Sheetal Nagle for being a solid member of my blog support team.
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Eager beaver , enthusiastic but amateur blogger !!

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