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Speculation is the new luxury

Recently, I came across a few interesting reads (Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel ; Adventure Capitalism- an article in The Economist, 27th Nov and Seth’s Blog – Speculation is the new luxury good) which provide a good perspective on what’s happening in the world of investment and wealth creation. In this blog, I intendContinue reading “Speculation is the new luxury”

New investment options for H-E-N-R-Y’s

You must have heard of Baby Boomers, Gen X , Gen Y or the Millennials, Gen Z et al. (click here to know more). Recently the socio-economic acronym H-E-N-R-Y has been added to this list. It refers to High Earning, Not Rich Yet. HENRYs are largely Gen X, millennials who generally are well educated andContinue reading “New investment options for H-E-N-R-Y’s”

Sachet revolution for cross border payments can explode business opportunities for service-preneurs

Cash formed the dominant mode of payment till demonetisation (de-mon) in 2016 when Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes were withdrawn. These formed around 86% of the value in circulation. This gave a fillip to digital payment like UPI, card, online – NEFT and IMPS modes of payment.  Fortunes of wallet companies like Paytm,Continue reading “Sachet revolution for cross border payments can explode business opportunities for service-preneurs”

Banking – due for disruption all over again

Banking originated around 15th century. Earlier sailors who required to store their savings in safe hands while they sailed on long journeys, availed the services of pawn brokers at ports for a charge. Subsequently, these pawn brokers discovered that this money could be put to use while it was being held for safe keeping throughContinue reading “Banking – due for disruption all over again”

Rating Agencies – Conflict of Interest resolution

With a market capitalisation close to USD 2.5 Trillion India is now the 7th largest stock market by capitalisation ahead of even Germany. India has so far taken the right steps to ensure its capital markets flourish and provide access to funds to companies wishing to access capital markets. However, over the last 12 months,Continue reading “Rating Agencies – Conflict of Interest resolution”

Depositor protection in these times of uncertainty

The PMC Bank scam has brought to the fore front the basic contradictions in our financial system. As of March 2018, more than half of the Rs 117 trillion deposits within the banking system are provided by individual depositors who form the backbone of the BFSI. It is these individual depositors who end up bearingContinue reading “Depositor protection in these times of uncertainty”

Solving the Urban Co-operative Banks Muddle

Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs) were initially set up as small banks that offered banking services to people of small means from the lower and middle classes: Now they are seen as another channel to deepen financial inclusion in the country. India is considered to have one of the oldest community-banking initiatives in the world withContinue reading “Solving the Urban Co-operative Banks Muddle”