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Moveover Teenagers- here come the Seenagers 

Just like you , I too have heard of generational cohorts like Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y , Millennials, Gen Z. With members of each cohort going through the adolescent / teenager and other phases. But the other day, while researching a project for elderly, I came across the term “Seenagers”. I was aContinue reading Moveover Teenagers- here come the Seenagers “

Musings of a 50 something..

Hi, Im a 50 something, recently ushered into my second youth – the youth of old age. I have had my fair share of lemons thrown at me. I have been lucky to have learnt to convert lemons either into lemonades or to quash them and move on…so cheers to that..feel free to share yourContinue reading “Musings of a 50 something..”