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Welcome 2020 – out with the old and in with the new- Millennial ways !

Times are changing and changing really fast. It is said the generation gap sets in every 15-20 years. By that logic, the current Millennial generation is at least 3-4 generations ahead. I believe my generation has been in a sweet spot having seen it all- from the double decker trailer buses in Mumbai to trafficContinue reading “Welcome 2020 – out with the old and in with the new- Millennial ways !”

Rating Agencies – Conflict of Interest resolution

With a market capitalisation close to USD 2.5 Trillion India is now the 7th largest stock market by capitalisation ahead of even Germany. India has so far taken the right steps to ensure its capital markets flourish and provide access to funds to companies wishing to access capital markets. However, over the last 12 months,Continue reading “Rating Agencies – Conflict of Interest resolution”

Depositor protection in these times of uncertainty

The PMC Bank scam has brought to the fore front the basic contradictions in our financial system. As of March 2018, more than half of the Rs 117 trillion deposits within the banking system are provided by individual depositors who form the backbone of the BFSI. It is these individual depositors who end up bearingContinue reading “Depositor protection in these times of uncertainty”

Solving the Urban Co-operative Banks Muddle

Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs) were initially set up as small banks that offered banking services to people of small means from the lower and middle classes: Now they are seen as another channel to deepen financial inclusion in the country. India is considered to have one of the oldest community-banking initiatives in the world withContinue reading “Solving the Urban Co-operative Banks Muddle”

Learning to keep up with changing times, while time stands still!

Recently, I met up with a friend from my college friend, a batchmate from my cricketing days. He recovered from a by-pass surgery few months back.  We visited the iconic Britannia Restaurant at Ballard Estate to have some authentic Parsee food for lunch. The moment we stepped in it felt as if time had stoodContinue reading “Learning to keep up with changing times, while time stands still!”

Look before you leap – Lessons for Startups looking for funding

Startups have been in vogue in India for the last 5-10 years. IITians, BITsians and other tech graduates have been encouraged by success of Red Bus, MakeMytrip, Myntra, Flipkart, Naukri, Zerodha and so on and so forth. Final year students have been opting out of the placement rut to give their ideas a shot. InsteadContinue reading “Look before you leap – Lessons for Startups looking for funding”

Musings of a 50 something..

Hi, Im a 50 something, recently ushered into my second youth – the youth of old age. I have had my fair share of lemons thrown at me. I have been lucky to have learnt to convert lemons either into lemonades or to quash them and move on…so cheers to that..feel free to share yourContinue reading “Musings of a 50 something..”