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Thank god ours was a love marriage !!

It’s lock down time and my mother-in-law is with us. We have been enjoying her company with our conversations going down the memory lane. My daughter has taken this opportunity to learn from her some of the traditional family recipes. At the dinner table, while exchanging notes on recipes and other culinary traditions I recalledContinue reading “Thank god ours was a love marriage !!”

Winning the Battle with my Bulge !!

I’m a 6 ft+ sportsperson (cricket, being my active sport) with a big frame. 26 years ago, when I got married , I weighed 84kgs with a 34 inch waist. Over time, even as I got busy with my career, to keep fit, I tried to keep up with my self exercise routines, occasional practiceContinue reading “Winning the Battle with my Bulge !!”

Life at 50 – reliving youth (of old age)!!

As I look around, I realise that at 50 +, even though we might claim to be in the youth of old age and travel to exotic destinations or throw retro theme parties to celebrate Golden birthdays, we certainly are not getting younger any longer.. Over the last 3 years, I have started hearing ofContinue reading “Life at 50 – reliving youth (of old age)!!”

Learning to keep up with changing times, while time stands still!

Recently, I met up with a friend from my college friend, a batchmate from my cricketing days. He recovered from a by-pass surgery few months back.  We visited the iconic Britannia Restaurant at Ballard Estate to have some authentic Parsee food for lunch. The moment we stepped in it felt as if time had stoodContinue reading “Learning to keep up with changing times, while time stands still!”

Musings of a 50 something..

Hi, Im a 50 something, recently ushered into my second youth – the youth of old age. I have had my fair share of lemons thrown at me. I have been lucky to have learnt to convert lemons either into lemonades or to quash them and move on…so cheers to that..feel free to share yourContinue reading “Musings of a 50 something..”